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Creative Engagement With Global Housing Crises
Southern California Shanty Town / Tent City 
Jul 28 (2008) [la, shanty town]
This video is a bit over the top in terms of the melodramatic music and the ridiculous number of wipes and cheezy image transitions, but it does show some harrowing images of a shanty town in southern California that make it worth the watch.

Here is a BBC report on this same settlement. These are not typical UNHOUSED folks, but people who have lost their housing because, in part, the giant mortgage collapse. That people have to live this way in this country is unconscionable:

Apr 28 (2009) (UTC)
Speaking of tents... Watch your tent on a camping place or you'll end up like this guy ;) http://www.itssucky.com/camping_dont_use_tents/ (http://www.itssucky.com/camping_dont_use_tents/%22)
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